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RE: Carbon Emissions

In a recent e-mail to the P2TECH list, Sara James (sja@mwatoday.com) asked, in part:
> I am attempting to do some research in finding out the difference in carbon emissions in creating products; for virgin products and recycled products.
Sara, you might find a lot of help on the LCA Discussion mailing list -- though I will warn you, I recently subscribed and it generates a HUGE amount of traffic, especially in comparison to P2TECH.  Be prepared to get 10-20 e-mails per day (mostly suprisingly on-topic, as far as I can tell).
I've cc'd the P2TECH list because there are others on that list that might find the LCA resource useful.
Information about the list, which is hosted by Product Ecology Consultants (PRe),  is available here:
The list rules require that you join before you can view the archives and ask questions,
As I said, it is a very active list focused entirely on lifecycle analysis techniques and data, so it's the sort of thing you might want to just join temporarily, get your info, then leave, unless you anticipate more questions in the future.  But it appears to be a very lively group, so you should be able to get good answers to your questions.
Hope this helps,

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