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Environmental Best Practices

Dear P2ers,

As a long-time P2 reader/responder and enthusiast, I have enjoyed learning
more from the community with respect to environmental best practices.  I am
currently developing a free website where users can create, edit, archive
and search for best practices in order to make it even easier for those
wishing to improve their environmental practices.  

I am looking for help from anyone who might be willing to contribute a best
practice or two, to help populate the site's database initially. The site
should go live (in an early Beta version) later this month, and I will make
the site address available to the P2 community at that time.

Please feel free to email me directly: evg@bluegreenworld.net.

If you have any questions regarding this effort, I can be reached directly
at (650) 342-5334.


-- Eric van Gestel

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