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Green Business Speakers

Title: Green Business Speakers
Hello P2 colleagues,
Have you heard any outstanding P2 or Greening Business presentations lately?  We are seeking a speaker to travel to Anchorage next spring to be part of an awards and recognition luncheon for Alaska businesses.  Our ideal keynote speaker would carry name recognition (either personally or for their business), they would come from industry, and would effectively motivate other businesses to consider P2 strategies and other business greening approaches based on the speaker’s own experience.  All ideas welcome.

I recently heard Phil Berry from Nike and Chris Lane from Xanterra speak at the Western P2 Roundtable.  They were both excellent.  More ideas like this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Sean Skaling
Executive Director - Green Star - 880 H Street, Suite 106 - Anchorage, AK  99501
(907) 278-7809 - Fax (907) 279-5868 - sean@greenstarinc.org - www.greenstarinc.org

Mission: Inspire Alaska businesses to be champions of environmental stewardship
Green Star:  Good for Business + Good for the Community + Good for the Environment