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Washington State job for Environmental Specialist-Please forward

Hello, P2-Techies,

I am posting on behalf of my supervisor, who is needing some of the skills that many of you-all have.  Our office is hiring for for an interesting new position, an upper-level job that includes project management/leadership, coordination and outreach.

The new Business Assistance and Incentives Program Coordinator will help to develop Washington State Department of Ecology's new Business Assistance and Incentives Program. 

This program will consist of a compliance-based Environmental Results Program and a Voluntary Leadership Program to be merged with the existing EnviroStars ( www.envirostars.org ) Program. 

This is a rare opportunity.  Check out the details here:
Apply here:

Diana Ruth Olegre

Washington State Department of Ecology

Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program 
Community Outreach and Environmental Education Specialist