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RE: Non-incineration technologies for chemical agent contaminated waste?

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A long shop perhaps....but you could try the Electro-Technology Application Center in Bethlehem PA - it's housed at Northampton Community College.  Mike Vasilik is the Director...

Richard Illig, Program Specialist
PADEP Office of Energy &
     Technology Deployment
P.O. Box 8772, 15th Floor
Harrisburg, PA  17105-8772

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Subject: Non-incineration technologies for chemical agent contaminated waste?

Anyone have ideas that could help with chemical agent contaminated waste?  Please email Elizabeth directly at: <elizabeth@cwwg.org> and cc: me.



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Subject: non-incineration technologies for chemical agent contaminated
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Neil and Gary,

Thanks in advance for your help!  We've got the alternative technologies for chemical agent and weapons themselves as well as all the non-contaminated waste (wooden pallets, etc) but
we need non-incineration technologies for chemical agent contaminated dunnage, specifically, laboratory instruments and other lab wastes, PPE suits, etc.  There is a range of options in the high temperature "pizza oven" technology arena, but any other ideas?

Elizabeth Crowe
KEF, Chemical Weapons Working Group
Coming Clean Co-Coordinator
(859) 986-0868

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 11:57:20 -0400
From: Elizabeth Crowe <elizabeth@cwwg.org>
Subject: [stopincinerators-US] Action alert:  EJ in Port Arthur, Texas --
 incineration of chemical weapons wastes

Please take a moment to support Environmental Justice in Port Arthur Texas!

Last April, the U.S. Army began shipping VX nerve agent byproducts to Port Arthur to be incinerated.  The Chemical Weapons Working Group (CWWG), Community In-Power Development Association (CIDA) in Port Arthur, and numerous other Texas organizations are working to stop this shipment and instead
ensure that the waste is destroyed safely on-site.  We need your help!

Gary Liss       
Fax: 916-652-0485