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Fwd: Outreach Campaign

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Subject: Outreach Campaign
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 07:26:39 -0500
From: "Sommers, Kay" <KSOMMERS@broward.org>
To: <owner-p2tech@great-lakes.net>, <fsb@cbsmlist.com>

You know those labels your grocer puts on produce (like on bananas,
apples or tomatoes)?  Apparently, the labels show up at wastewater
treatment plants and go through treatment unscathed.  They are gumming
up the reclaimed water uptake pipes and causing some problems.  A
colleague of mine wants to do some sort of outreach to the public asking
them to remove the labels, and prevent them from going down the drain.

Has anyone on the list serve experienced this problem, dealt with it, or
designed a campaign to address it?  Thanks for your assistance.

Kay Sommers
Broward County Environmental Protection Department
1 North University Drive, Suite 203
Plantation, FL  33324
(954) 519-1257
Fax: (954) 765-4804

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