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Re: Idle musings: Has the P2 community missed the bandwagon? Or

get run over by it?
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Thanks for posing that question.  I don't think I can be as
entertaining as you, but I would like to respond.

I see P2 being a firm foundation on which many of these other
networks can build.  I have advocated for years that the Zero Waste
movement connect with P2 practitioners in their areas.  P2 have great
relations with businesses and great understanding of the
opportunities for designing waste out of the system.  Zero Wasters
are starting to get some traction (especially in CA), to get
communities and the State to adopt policies (e.g., EPR) and programs
that will require the redesign of products to eliminate waste, and
take those products and associated packaging back for reuse,
recycling or composting.  Once those policies are adopted, businesses
will be trying to figure out HOW to accomplish that, and that's where
the P2 network comes in.  The "greening" of business that is being
touted right now is the beginning of that response, with the PRIUS
leading the way to showing the commercial benefits of being green in
a post-Al Gore/Inconvenient Truth world.

So, don't throw in the towel (or the pig) yet!

Gary Liss

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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