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In reply to the many thoughtful replies to my post to P2TECH

Title: In reply to the many thoughtful replies to my post to P2TECH


First of all, thank you all for the warm response to my grammar-challenged post, "Idle musings:  Has the P2 community missed the bandwagon? Or get [sic] run over by it?." 

To use a fly fishing analogy:  It's nice to toss out a fly and see the fish rise to it.

For those who don't fish, I'll try a more universal reference point -- in the immortal words of Hannibal Jones of the A-Team: "I love it when a plan comes together."

Initially, I had planned a detailed response to each post.  But I realized I wasn't going to really improve on anything that anyone had said.

Instead, I'll note that with the demise of the NPPR meetings a few years ago, P2TECH is one of the last remaining places where the P2 "community" tends to gather together.  While this thread clearly illustrates the wide number of directions we've all headed off to, once in a while i think it is productive for us to do a little mutual commiserating and exchanging of thoughts about what unites us.

This raises the question, of course, of what do we mean by the "P2 community?" 

I don't think it has to do with being "old guard" or "new guard."  Policy wonk or nuts and bolts engineer.  Public or private sector.    Someone who spells sustainability with a big-S or a little-s.

I do think there are a few common traits that tend to unite this community, though, and one of the most endearing, at least to me, is the tendency for people who "do" P2, to be simultaneously holistic, big-picture thinkers, yet willing, even eager, to dive down into the technical details in order to make the big picture work.  I have worked with and alongside researchers who work in sub-specialties of P2 -- green design, green chemistry, etc -- and found that this is not always the case within these domains.

As always, it has been fun to engage the great minds on this list in a bit of collective soul searching (as opposed to searching for Collective Soul, which I haven't done since the mid-90's).  I hope that those who are only now reading these posts after an extended Thanksgiving break will not hesitate to join in the discussion.  I am encouraged by the optimism of the replies I've gotten -- both publicly and privately -- and look forward to seeing more.


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