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Re: Idle musings: Has the P2 community missed the bandwagon? Or

get run over by it?
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First off let me congratulate you on the best enviro quote of the year:
*"Everyone and their brother (unless the brother is named "Jeb") seems
to be interested in the environment these days."  by R Scott Butner*
may it come back to as spam later next year (the true measure of cyber

I too recently had a thought provoking conversation with my good friend
Jean Waters, it went like this:
The landscape of P2 is changing and the time is right to seize the
opportunity to get the message out to the masses. Huh?

A year ago Richard Rasmussen of the VA DEQ invited the me to bring the
MOPP to the VA side of the DC metro area. As was my habit in planning
MOPP trips I called up a few trade associations asking if they would
host me whilst I was in town. As luck would have it the VA Manufacturing
Assoc was planning their Environmental Conference. (By the way - the
MOPP is no longer available for such trips... Don't Get Me Started! (DGMS))

Well, the news of an association hosted, planned and _paid for_
Environmental Conference always makes me tingle (I am a Dork and I know
it) -
A few months later I arrived in the middle of the night downtown
Richmond, VA anxious to meet the conference attendees the next morning.
Everything proceeded as usual, nice booths, nice venue, nice people and
good food - but then came the lunch speakers/consultants who were the
invited (and paid I presumed) keynote "environmental" speakers. I wont'
name names but the gist of their topics were FAR from what we P2'ers
would believe to be environmental in nature. One fellow spent his entire
presentation bashing China and how their current lack of environmental
laws were ruining the planet and that they were the #2 Polluter for a
myriad of toxins, emissions, waste streams, etc. NEVER once mentioning
that we were #1 - and basically the point was that as manufacturers in
the US no matter what we do, the future tidal wave of pollution was
inevitable (OK may that is true BUT hardly the theme of an environmental
conference) - and not one strategy for reduction or policymaking to
facilitate change was offered - The second lunch speaker headed a nice 3
week trip from Argentina to Antarctica - beautiful footage nice
commentary recorded in front a blue screen with scenery shots of the
trip superimposed in the background - but no mention of the cause and
effect relationship between unsustainable manufacturing practices and
the loss of the ice shelf.

Needless to say - I started each one of my MOP demonstrations with
"Somebody PLEASE get me my soapbox...." I will admit that the
controversy did give me 103% participation with several attendees coming
back for repeat sessions lest I tangent off to other recesses of the P2

So, what is the point?
- Everyone and their brother (unless the brother is named "Jeb") seems
to be interested in the environment these days.

The venues are being arranged, as the P2 Brigade we need to get on the
keynote speaker tour OUTSIDE of OUR BOX -meaning at workshop and
conferences that we didn't arrange or that we would normally attend. And
ask for a speaker fee -  Perception is reality - you get what yo pay
for, etc.

I think the opportunity is at hand for us to build a *P2 Speakers
Bureau* - paid speakers, professionally managed and presented via our
existing P2 resources, aggressive in getting on end user conference
agendas and _self-sustaining via fee structure_ to address the dwindling
P2 resources being made available (DGMS).

For the first time in history, the marginal external cost of pollution
is beginning to be incorporated into the supply and demand curve. We
simple need to position ourselves as the best, most qualified,
value-added resource to meet the need. If P2/sustainability will be
viewed as just another cost of doing business, then we want to be
positioned as the most valuable experts in the field with the history
and data to prove it.

Happy Turkey,

BTW - I was at the Black Hawk County Health Dept public meeting to
discuss the health/environmental impact of our proposed coal-fired
power plant this morning -
that always Gets Me Started....

Sue Schauls
University Northern Iowa
202 McCollum Science Hall (MSH)
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0423
Office 319.273.7342
fax 319.273.7127

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