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Position Available in Glendale, CA


The Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA) is a small
technical environmental nonprofit organization based in Glendale, CA.
IRTA is seeking a full time technical professional for work that
involves testing of safer alternatives in a variety of different
industries. A technical degree in science or engineering and at least
five years work experience is required. The candidate will assist and
work closely with the Director in all phases of each project. 

IRTA conducts projects that are sponsored and funded by government
agencies. As part of these projects, IRTA staff work with companies in
various industries to identify, develop, test and demonstrate
alternatives. During the course of the projects, staff will learn how to
take into account cross-media transfers and worker exposure of certain
chemicals. IRTA staff will also learn about the processes utilized by
various facilities and assist the Director in devising alternative
formulations or methods that are safer for the environment and human

The ideal candidate should be familiar with working in or inspecting
industrial operations and must be willing to learn about how some of
those processes might be changed for increased efficiency, with the
ultimate goal of improving environmental and health protection. The
candidate should have an ability to communicate effectively in order to
facilitate outreach activities to both governmental and industrial
representatives. Proficiency with computers is necessary. 

Salary is negotiable and is based on experience.

For more information about IRTA and the types of safer alternative
projects that it has focused on, click on http://www.irta.us/reports.htm

If interested in the position, please email (or send) a hard copy of
cover letter and resume to: irta@earthlink.net or to IRTA's mailing
address at: 

Institute for Research and Technical Assistance
230 N. Maryland Ave., Suite 103
Glendale, CA 91206

Thank you!


Raul "Ed" Gonzalez
WRPPN Regional Coordinator
PO Box 15225
Las Vegas, NV  89114
Tel: 702-866-2390
Fax: 702-866-6800

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