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Reminder to Submit Nominations for PNEAC Publication of the Year

(apologies for cross posting)

Dear friends and colleagues,

Just a friendly reminder to consider nominating a new publication for the Printer's National Environmental Assistance Center's (PNEAC) annual publication of the year award.  This will not take you much time at all!!! 

An eligible publication should focus on environmental issues, that impact the printing industry.  Nominations can be a journal article, fact sheet, case study, report or book published between July 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007.  The publication may be nominated by anyone (the author, a colleague, a reader, etc.), and it may reference vendors or be written by a vendor. However, the item must indicate the real benefits associated with the action and not simply unproven claims.

A five-member committee selected by PNEAC will judge the nominations. Judging criteria will include:
        A.  Effectiveness helping U.S. printers improve their performance relative to one or more of the following:
         o       compliance with environmental regulations
         o       reduction of wastes, effluents, and emissions

         o       reduction of energy consumption

         o       environmental performance of the printed product

         o       environmental sustainability of operations, products,  and/or practices

         o       health and safety of printing employees
        B.  The innovation incorporated in the practices, technologies, or strategies described in the publication

        C.  The quality of writing

Nominations are due by January 15, 2008. A decision on a winner is expected by February 15, 2008 and will be announced at the National Environmental Health and Safety Conference for the Graphics Industry to be held in Indianapolis, March 10?12, 2008. See http://www.pneac.org/PublicationOfTheYear/ for specific information on how to nominate a publication and to read about last year's winner, Gary Jones from PIA/GATF.

Happy Holidays!!

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Debra Jacobson           
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