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Re: advisory panels

Hi KAthy,

How ad hoc?  TURA has a standing Science Advisory Board advising on listing and delisting toxics.  This fall they are working hare to refine the Massachusetts list of materials regulated under TURA, and creating a higher and lower hazard chemicals list.  See recommendations at http://www.turi.org/government/sab/science_advisory_board/sab_work/sab_recommendations__1

The Five Chemicals Alternatives Assessment Study TURI published last year was the result of several ad hoc scientific, policy and stakeholder committees, and each of its sections reporting the results of the work to prioritize uses, then prioritize alternatives and finally each chapter summary can be read as the final work product of a different panel or review committee.    http://www.turi.org/library/turi_publications/five_chemicals_study

I hope this helps!

At 11:05 AM 12/7/2007 -0800, you wrote:
Hi everyone. I'm looking for examples of "final work products" of ad hoc scientific and policy advisory panels or committees. If anyone can point me to a web link with such, I'd appreciate it. Thanks to all and have a great weekend.

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