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Re: Corrected URL for Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Webinar and related info

Hi Scott,

This is indeed serious, and I thank you for the head's up about the webinar.  I especially appreciate your use of the very serious TUR words for P2. 

TURI's Heather Tenney said she appreciated the white paper, and will bring the CFATS list to the Science Advisory Board Meeting next week.  At this meeting they are scheduled to review the last set of chemicals reported for CERCLA for delisting under MA TURA. 

Janet Clark

At 08:48 AM 12/10/2007 -0800, Butner, R Scott wrote:

Folks --

Last week I posted a notification of our December 18 Webinar on the newly-finalized  Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS).

This regulation will affect several thousand manufacturing facilities around the US which utilize highly hazardous materials in their processes,

or otherwise maintain inventories of these materials.  As I mentioned last week, this presents a good opportunity for environmental technical assistance

organizations to engage with industry on an issue related to toxics use reduction.

The first deadline for these firms to submit information to Department of Homeland Security (which promulgated these new regs) is January 22, 2008 -- less than 45 days away!

Unfortunately, the post I sent to P2TECH (and which was forwarded to the SBO/SBEAP list) inadvertently included the wrong

URL for the webinar and associated information -- the CORRECT url is:


I also have some training materials on CFATS and its potential connection to P2, located here:


These materials were presented to a TURI crowd in MA back in April 2007, days after the initial release of the interim CFATS rule,

so please regard them as preliminary -- however, they capture the key points of the reg.

My apologies for the incorrect URL on the initial post to these lists.
Just another lesson learned about trying to rush something out on your way to the airport!

And thanks to Rudy Cartier of the New Hampshire Small Business Environmental Assistance Program for alerting me to the error in

the original post!  
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