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Job Opening: Environmental Purchasing

We are looking for an additional person to add to our environmental purchasing technical assistance team. 

This person could potentially be based anywhere in the US.

Duties are primarily related to providing environmental purchasing (EPP) assistance and consulting services to US health care group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and health care systems, including:

* Working with health care group purchasing organizations and health care systems to develop progressive EPP goals, choose priority contract areas, and establish time line for environmental purchasing work in consultation with Health Care Without Harm Purchasing Work Group.

* Development of fact sheets, RFP and/or RFI language, specifications, and vendor lists for specific product and service areas. 

* Tracking accomplishments and services delivered.

* Managing relationships with health care organizations and ensuring services provided are appropriate and responsive so that they continue to desire our services.

* Other environmental purchasing-related projects and duties as assigned.

* Participation in Health Care Without Harm Purchasing Workgroup to coordinate work with others.

* Soliciting and negotiating fee-for-service contracts.

* Developing and facilitating environmental purchasing trainings.

Desired experience:

* 3 years (preferably more) experience writing and using enviromental specifications and/or RFP language, evaluating vendor responses and evaluating enviromentally preferable product claims.

* 3 years customer service experience providing EPP assistance to institutional purchasers.

* Bachelors or higher degree (in technical or environmental field preferred)

* 3 years experience facilitating consensus or working in multi-stakeholder groups or consortiums.

* Experience negotiating fee-for-service consulting projects.

* Experience developing and facilitating successful environmental trainings.

Desired attributes:

* Detail-oriented
* Ability to write clearly
* Ability to report clearly on work accomplished
* Team player
* Comfortable with consensus process
* Self-starter and very motivated
* Good listener, interested in meeting unique needs of the purchasers we work with

Health Care Without Harm is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to diversity within our campaign, people of color and women are encouraged to apply.

Salary based on experience. Generous benefits.
Please send resume and cover letter by January 4 to Lara Sutherland at LSutherland@hcwh.org using subject line "EPP Job." Electronic submissions only, please. No calls. 

Lara Sutherland
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Health Care Without Harm
ph: 303-377-7048

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