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Re: Calculating a Carbon Footprint for a Specific Manufacturing Process or Product Line


There are some sources for making calculations based on kW energy use, or if a particular process uses natural gas, oil or coal. DOE has a CO2 research center http://cdiac.ornl.gov/ which has some of these resources. For less precise measurements there are a variety of on-line calculators that can yield results based on energy use and fuel type. Many utilities have data on GHG production based on their unique combination of plants fuel types etc. So establishing the electricity provider would be important.
Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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>>> "michelle gaither" <gaithermj@quidnunc.net> 12/19/2007 6:53 PM >>>
Is there a calculator/model/protocol that anyone has used or heard about - that can be used to estimate greenhouse gas emissions generated during a specific manufacturing process or production line?


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