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RE: water conservation incentives

Hi Gary,


S. Nevada has some good incentive programs.  Here’s a link to some of their rebates, including $1.50 sq/ft for turf removal, and for water reducing technology rebates for commercial.  Their commercial program is not as strong as landscape applications because they get water credit for all the effluent they return to Lake Mead.  They also have a good water smart home program.  Explore some of the links on the left Nav.  I understand that Phoenix has some very good programs.  You might want to look there.







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Dear P2techers,

Looking for information on any state programs (or local for that matter) that provide incentives for commercial and industrial water conservation. These could be loans, grants, rebates, tax breaks etc. Working with our Dept of Commerce to develop a legislative package for the next session. As you might know we have a bit of a drought down here.<g>


Thanks for any info you can provide


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