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RE: Household Aspect/Impact List

Hi Karen

The only thing I am aware of that is even close to what you are asking for is on the Wisconsin DNR interactive house at the link below and scroll down to it. But it is just focused on mercury. Maybe it could be modified to your needs.


Make sure you are viewing at full screen and move your cursor to the points of expected mercury and a pop up box comes on



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I’m working on a tool to help citizens understand their daily impacts on the environment mostly focused on the activities that take place in their own home.  I’ve been asked to attack this project as if we were designing an EMS for a household.  Has anyone already done this and is willing to share their information?  I know there’s tons of info out there on what the average citizen can do…but I’ve never seen a “Household Aspect/Impact List”.


Karen Teliha 
Community Environmental Health & Education
Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management