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RE: Household Aspect/Impact List

You might want to see my Bilko Index calculator, which is very much in beta form: 
This link takes you straight to the Bilko Index survey, which asks consumers how much of brand name pesticides they use and then calculates an index value that is intended to be representative of the toxicity due to their use of that product.  Something like this would be a tool to inform a household EMS, not the EMS itself.  The formulas are simplistic but they do get the consumer to reflect on the aspects of use that mostly determine the extent of toxicity (what product, how much is used, how is it used).  The site has information about how the index is calculated and what data are used if you're interested.
To be really effective, this type of scheme would have to be tied to bar codes (which at this point is a possibility because of technology development) and updated perhaps wiki style by an army of interested folks instead of based on the findings of a stubborn engineer surveying store shelves with a clipboard in hand.  There are many new products introduced every year...  Also somebody who was a real programmer and not just a stubborn engineer with a copy of "_javascript_ for Dummies" sitting by their elbow would have to work on it. 
I'd like to see it expanded to include not just household impacts but local impacts and global impacts due to consumer choices. 

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I’m working on a tool to help citizens understand their daily impacts on the environment mostly focused on the activities that take place in their own home.  I’ve been asked to attack this project as if we were designing an EMS for a household.  Has anyone already done this and is willing to share their information?  I know there’s tons of info out there on what the average citizen can do…but I’ve never seen a “Household Aspect/Impact List”.


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