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Pollution Prevention Information Network RFP published!

The Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN) grants focus on
providing P2 information services that: increase awareness of P2
approaches and practices; and support the adoption and implementation of
P2 practices. The PPIN competition awards about $800,000 annually to
promote quality P2 information services, references and training that is
shared nationally. The Regional centers receiving these grants have
developed their own organization called the Pollution Prevention
Resource Exchange (P2Rx) Find out more at: http://www.p2rx.org

  (Embedded image moved to file: pic02959.gif)New!The 2008 Request for
  Proposals (RFP) has been published:

  This funding opportunity is EPA-OPPT-08-005 under the Catalogue of
  Federal Domestic Assistance number 66.708. The closing date for
  receipt of proposal packages is March 17, 2008, 4 pm Eastern Standard
  Time (EST). Read the RFP for further details.

Beth Anderson, USEPA
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e-mail: anderson.beth@epa.gov

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