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FW: recycling polyester

I believe this is fabric trimming waste.  Prevention is hard as almost anyone in the textile biz uses optimization tools to minimize the fabric that gets cut.  60 tons / month of scrap is quite a bit.  Anyone know of a proven alternative to landfilling for this stuff?

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From: Jeff Hayes [mailto:jeff@the-vector-group.com]
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Well Burt, I’ve done it!  My first legitimate business greening client.  I absolutely couldn’t have closed them without the training I received at Green Business Boot Camp!  (feel free to use that as a testimonial)


They’re sending about 60 tons of fabric per month to the landfill and its making them crazy.  We’re starting by focusing on polyester (10 tons per month).  My assignment is to turn that waste into value.  


Do you know any industrial scale polyester recyclers?  My client does a lot of business in Asia and India, so getting it over there is easy if that’s where your connections are. 





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