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RE: washing paved surfaces

A direct answer to your question probably could be obtained from www.ceta.org


However, many sanitary sewer use ordinances [in jurisdictions with NPDES-permitted sewage treatment plants] call for polluted water [such as exterior washwater with petroleum-oil contaminants & soap] to be kept out of storm drain systems.  SF Bay Area chapter CETA guidelines from the mid-90s recommend that as a BMP, though that is not a law or regulation.


As always, there is a big difference between an ordinance being on the books and actual enforcement.  Our jurisdiction does enforce on stormwater discharges.

The above opinion is mine and not necessarily that of my employer.  I am solely responsible for my professional opinions.

Pascal Roubineau
City of San Jose- ESD

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We are working on a water quality protection self-assessment tool tailored to businesses with paved surfaces (parking lots, drive thru areas, gas stations, etc.). Does anyone know of environmentally friendly cleaning products to recommend to the mobile washer sector for power washing pavement (with oily contaminants), if they think they need more than heated water.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Barbara Johnson, PE