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Re: SAGE & CAGE links gone!

I found another website for solvent alternatives through TURI at http://www.cleanersolutions.org/, but I have not yet found a GAGE alternative website.
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>>> "Jennifer Lasseter" <JLassete@tceq.state.tx.us> 02/08/08 3:23 PM >>>
The same appears to be true for SAGE - solvent alternatives guide. ( www.clean.rti.org)
What's the alternative for this alternatives guide now?  :-)
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>>> "michelle gaither" <gaithermj@quidnunc.net> 2/7/2008 7:37 PM >>>
Does anyone know what happened to the CAGE (Coating Alternatives Guide) by RTI?
Or, can you suggest another site that might have similar info on coating alternatives?
Michelle Gaither
Technical Research Coordinator
Pollution Prevention Resource Center