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Episode #1 in "Case Studies in Questionable Judgement:" Giving Butner the keys to the blog

Title: Episode #1 in "Case Studies in Questionable Judgement:" Giving Butner the keys to the blog

P2TECH-ies --

Normally, midwesterners are known for being staid, rational, reserved....all the things that us west coasters are not.

It's that whole red state/blue state dynamic. 

Well, that, and the mild buzz they sustain off of fugitive emissions from the ethanol plants. 

Oh, and cow farts.  Too much methane can slow down your speech patterns.  Kind of like helium in reverse.

Anyway, I've got a lot of respect for the rock solid values and abundant common sense that seems to characterize people from the great in-between.  Even if I don't always like the way they vote.

So it came as something of a surprise to me when the folks at the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR) asked me if I wanted to occasionally "sit in" as a guest blogger on the GLRPPR Blog (http://lib.wmrc.uiuc.edu/glrppr-blog/).

I mean, I always thought that they had more common sense than that.

I've long looked up to the GLRPPR blog as a valuable information source -- sitting as it does at the crossroads of P2 and information technology. And while I am keeping in mind the admonition of Groucho Marx, who famously stated that he'd never join a club that would have someone like him as a member, I look forward to sharing some ideas about information technology and P2 with you via this great forum.

I also plan to do a weekly "P2 Photo Blog" -- well, as best I can, anyway -- because a picture is worth a thousand words.

But is a lot easier to produce.

Anyway, my understanding is that additional "guest bloggers" are waiting in the wings.  So be sure to check the blog from time to time, or subscribe to their RSS news feed: 


And if you run across an information technology topic or clipping that you think as some interesting applications to P2, let me know.   ESPECIALLY if it relates to the chemical manufacturing industry, but even if it doesn't.   I'm always looking for new inspiration.

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