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Re: Companies with bigger technical assistance needs

>From a large facility perspective, the P2 and EMS program (same program
here) "manages" all greening efforts from traditional P2 through E2, etc.
We don't own E2 but encourage and coordinate through our EMS.  We use the
EMS to have the responsible managers set improvement objectives and
commitments for E2, P2, procurement, subcontracts, etc and then track it
through the Senior Management EMS steering committee.  Wearing the hat of a
P2 assistance provider, I would encourage these companies to use EMS to look
at all their issues from a sustainability perspective and then P2 could
coordinate  other state assistance providers to cover the areas P2 providers
don't (assuming that the P2 assistance providers are encouraging use of an
EMS).  A systematic approach is key.

Lessons learned from the field: Make sure that the people who control the
processes within the facility identify improvements and take responsibility
for making them happen...otherwise it is an exercise in meetings that don't
get anyone very far....

Pat Gallagher
EMS/P2 Team Leader
Los Alamos National Laboratory

On 3/12/08 7:49 AM, "Cindy McComas" <mccom003@umn.edu> wrote:

> We are receiving calls from companies wanting us to provide technical
> assistance to help them become green, document GHG reduction potential,
> and/or reduce their carbon footprint.  Many are joining the Climate
> Registry or Climate Exchange and as a result have goals they have to meet.
> As you know, going green is much bigger than P2 and can involve
> addressing any number of areas including EPP, green building, energy
> efficiency, renewable energy options, etc.  Of course, we want to make
> sure P2 and E2 is part of this process, but do not feel we have the
> tools or expertise to deliver it all without partners or tools.
> Has anyone else developed a tool or methodology or decision tree for
> providing this type of assistance that companies are asking for? 

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