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Fwd: aluminum anodizing; sulfuric acid process

I'm posting this inquiry at the request of Steve Hackney at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. He isn't subscribed to P2Tech, so please copy sahackney@deq.virginia.gov on your reply.

Thanks for your help!

Laura B.

Subject: aluminum anodizing; sulfuric acid process
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 15:22:55 -0400
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Thread-Topic: aluminum anodizing; sulfuric acid process
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From: "Hackney,Stephen" <sahackney@deq.virginia.gov>
To: <riyaz@wmrc.uiuc.edu>
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I'm looking for data on air emissions from this type of metal finishing process. EPA seems to have no data for this type of metal finishing. My objective is to calculate the air emissions of sulfuric acid mist and particulate for this process. An industrial facility in Virginia has requested a construction permit to install this type of metal finishing line.
Thanks... Steve...

Stephen A. Hackney Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality 5636 Southern Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462 757-518-2124 fax-757-518-2009 email: sahackney@deq.virginia.gov

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