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RE: aluminum anodizing; sulfuric acid process

Title: Fwd: aluminum anodizing; sulfuric acid process
Hi Laura,
Short of a source test, I doubt you will find any exact empirical equation for estimating air emissions.  Electroplating operations are a little different because gas evolution is mainly a function of electrical input. In anodizing, any gas evolution will be a function of surface area and history (I'm guessing gas evolution will decline as the oxide layer forms).
All of this said, I suggest Steve get a copy of the "Electroplating Engineering Handbook" by Durney.  There is a chapter on ventilation system design and it provides guidance on the offgassing rates of many different electroplating solutions.  Based on health hazard and the offgassing rate (high, medium, or low), suggested ventilation rates are provided.  Keep in mind that these are minimum rates and OSHA regulations are likely to specify a higher rate.
Since you're dealing with an acid mist, treatment usually consists of passing the exhaust through a demister pad.  Solutions with a high offgassing rate will require a water wash spray to periodically clean the pad.  Medium or low offgassing solutions might not require the spray but be cleaned during annual maintenance.  A check with the companies that sell demister pads would be a likely way to identify emission rates and source test data.
If I find any specific data, I'll make another post. 
Mike Callahan
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Thanks for your help!

Laura B.

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>>I'm looking for data on air emissions from this type of metal
>>finishing process.  EPA seems to have no data for this type of
>>metal finishing.  My objective is to calculate the air emissions of
>>sulfuric acid mist and particulate for this process.  An industrial
>>facility in Virginia has requested a construction permit to install
>>this type of metal finishing line.
>>Thanks...   Steve...
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