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WRPPN/PPRC Dry Cleaning Webinar

Mark Your Calendar!








What: P2 Webinar on Dry Cleaning


How Much? No Cost


Presenter: Dr. Katy Wolf, Director of the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance


Hosted By: The Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network (WRPPN) and the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)


When: April 17, 2008


Time: 10:00 am (Pacific Time)


Duration: 1.5 hours


Description: Dr. Katy Wolf, a leading expert in P2 and alternatives to toxic chemicals, will focus on alternatives to perchloroethylene (PERC) in dry cleaning.  PERC is a carcinogen and PERC dry cleaning is scheduled to be phased out over the next several years in California.  Other states are also considering similar regulations.  There are a variety of alternatives that are replacing PERC including hydrocarbon, Green Earth, glycol ether cleaning, water-based cleaning using various processes and carbon dioxide cleaning.  Characteristics of these cleaning processes will be discussed.  The webinar will also focus on safer alternatives to PERC and trichloroethylene (TCE), used extensively in the textile cleaning industry for spotting.  TCE, like PERC, is a carcinogen.  Alternatives that can be used for spotting garments include water-based and soy-based cleaners. 


***Logistical information for webinar participation will be provided later this week! *** 


All questions and comments should be sent to Raul “Ed” Gonzalez (raulg@unr.edu), or Chris Wiley (cwiley@pprc.org).


Raul Gonzalez

WRPPN Regional Coordinator



Chris Wiley

PPRC Executive Director