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Re: Env. Safe Graffiti Remover

Arm and Hammer makes industrial baking soda-based products that have been used very successfully in this application. I don't have contacts, but the parent company is Church and Dwight based in Princeton, NJ.

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>>> Deb Jacobson <djacobso@postoffice.wmrc.uiuc.edu> 4/7/2008 10:20 AM >>>
Karen -

The City of Chicago uses an alternative 
product.  I'll check with one of my colleagues 
there and see if I can find out what they use.
In addition, I understand methyl ester (a.k.a. bio-diesel) may be an option.


At 08:55 AM 4/7/2008, TELIHA, KAREN wrote:
>Anyone know of or are successfully using an 
>environmental safe or at least less toxic way of removing graffiti?
>I've run across this page, which lists products 
>that are certified by the Canadian ECO 
>Just checking to see if anyone is aware of anything else*
>Karen Teliha
>Community Environmental Health & Education
>Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management

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