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RE: Recycling Proc's for Students

Hello Julie:
Take a look at the Standard Operating Procedure for Waste Audits found in Appendix D Tools section of our document "Managing Food Scraps at Institutions and Agencies".
Chery Sullivan here at Washington State Department of Ecology developed this manual (360.407.6915 or chsu461@ecy.wa.gov)
Our Waste Reduction and Recycling committee at the Ecology headquarters building conducts a waste audit every six months and publishes the results on the agency intranet to encourage folks to increase their efforts.

Tina Simcich
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Coordinator
Solid Waste and Financial Assistance Program
Washington State Department of Ecology
phone: 360.407.7517; fax: 360.407.6102

Check out the Ecology EPP Website at: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/beyondwaste/epp.html


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Subject: Recycling Proc's for Students

Good Morning, All:
Got an easy one for you...we're looking to train a group of (maybe 20?) college students to do a recycling assessment of their small Colorado campus. A dumpster diving party, if you will. It's been since the mid-90s that I've directly participated in such an event and am curious if there is updated guidance (tools, procedures, protocols, etc.) that this group would recommend.
Thank you!

Julie Sieving

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