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request to post info about an upcoming EPA event

hi folks  - long time no speak -  I just sent this out to a bunch of
federal contacts and realized that some of you (especially those close
to the DC area) might want to post this info on your web sites -
especially based on my memory of ancient roundtable history,  scott and
you all love to experiment with networked dissemination wizardry!  so I
will replay it for you all  - here - try it and we will try to track how
many folks come for more info from your sites (you will need to tell me
what page you post it on though) - and don't get paranoid when you see
that the url resolves to an "es" address - some of you lifers may
remember that acronym - not to worry  - we just use our hardware until
we run it completely into the ground.  If you want to try it - do it
soon  - only a few days left until the Expo - oh and sorry we've got 1
more P:

hello - I am the webmaster of an EPA research center called the National
Center for Environmental Research (NCER).  We manage a number of
environmental research grant and fellowship programs at EPA. We have an
upcoming event on the National Mall called the National Sustainable
Design Expo operated through our P3 grant program to undergraduate

The event will have more than 60 student team projects on display - the
teams are competing at this event for follow-on grants to further
develop or commercialize their research.  In addition other non-profit
organizations will be displaying green technology information at the
event.  We would like to make sure that your scientific staff  are aware
of this event so they can drop by to view the projects and interact with
the teams.

We are experimenting with different methods of disseminating information
about the Expo  -  Would you be willing to post one of the stickers
below on  your internet and/or intranet sites from now until the time of
the event on April 20 - 22nd?  The stickers will link to a page that
should be conveyed as a pop-up that runs a flash slide show and conveys
more information about the Expo.  The last slide of the show resolves to
several active links that  will also lead users to more detailed
information about the event.  All linked information is displayed
through pop-ups and all pages are from our NCER site which is located on
one of EPA's public access servers.   The first four stickers to choose
from would just display on your site and link to ours through a popup -
the 5th file has some additional code attached so that it runs the flash
slide show on your site - If you want to use that code, it too is
attached at the bottom of the page conveying the stickers.   If you
agree to post a sticker please let me know by return email, and let me
know which page(s) it will be displayed on.  If you would like to use
any of these please go to the following site for more detail on how to
use them on your site - I have also pasted a file of this page below:


(See attached file: WebstickersExpo  P3  NCER  ORD  US EPA.htm)

this is what the stickers look like  -

(Embedded image moved to file: pic28393.jpg)(Embedded image moved to
file: pic04827.jpg)(Embedded image moved to file: pic03348.jpg)(Embedded
image moved to file: pic16624.jpg)

If you need more background information either about this event or about
our organization - please feel free to contact me by phone or email, and
also access the following pages on our site.

NCER website:


EPA's P3 site:


P3 video:


Also as background  - here are some of the successes coming out of the
P3 program:

o     MIT developed a system to inform and improve the purchasing
process so academic laboratories can use less toxic alternatives.
o     Appalachian State University students successfully created a
research and educational facility to teach about local biodiesel
production and they have received $1.5 M in additional awards to
continue their efforts
o     Students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne have
successfully developed a sustainable biofilter to reduce the levels of
agricultural chemicals running into rivers and streams.  They have
already installed their biofilter systems at two different watersheds in
Illinois, and in India.  And, they aren’t done yet.
o     Portland State University has successfully designed and is now
disseminating an interactive website for educators and students to
promote sustainable solutions and help students learn more about their
local environments.
o     Through their P3 Award, the team at Lehigh University designed and
has now installed eight new community-level arsenic removal units in
India, providing approximately 1500 families with arsenic-safe drinking
water. and
o     Stanford University is designing a Green Dorm that can function as
a “living laboratory” -- an ideal testing facility for innovative
building system designs. The project will create networks of information
and resources, both the structure and content of which will be a tool
for other sustainable development projects both locally and globally.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and I hope I can return the


Myles Morse
USEPA National Center for Environmental Research
NCER Webmaster
phone - 202-343-9706
fax - 202-233-0678 or 79
Mailing Address
1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
mailcode: 8722F
Washington DC 20460
1025 F Street, NW
Room 3204
Washington DC 20004
Title: Webstickers|Expo | P3 | NCER | ORD | US EPA

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