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Environmental Health & Safety Manager Position

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Matt de la Houssaye

Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Advanced Recycling Technology
Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Unlimited Growth Industry
Come join this established 'cleantech' company serving an unlimited
waste remediation market and booming global commodities markets,
providing quality metals concentrates and other feedstock to our
refinery and manufacturing customers.  By applying leading edge
'industrial mining' technology, we reclaim base materials and precious
metals for re-use, transforming one company's waste problem into another
companies source of raw material.

Advanced Recycling Technology is looking for a uniquely qualified
individual to plan, implement, check and act upon a recycling
manufacturing facility in manner that well exceeds compliance. The
manager will be expected to execute an ambitious EH&S plan with specific
criteria that are used to establish short, medium and long-term goals.
The objective will be the continual improvement of the company's
performance of EH&S according to these criteria. In addition, the
candidate will work with management to enable EH&S to be used as a key
resource in strengthening the company's culture and bottom line
internally, as well as its reputation and image to its external


*	Provide proactive environmental, health & safety leadership for
Advanced Recycling Technology Inc
*	Establishment of environmental, health and safety management
systems according to ISO or other applicable standards.
*	The candidate must ensure compliance of plant operations with
governmental regulatory agency requirements relating to EHS. This will
include daily EH&S Inspections. The candidate will work with management
to develop long-term EH&S goals for the company. The candidate will work
with management to budget, staff and implement EH&S continual
*	Insure that quality control the company's inventory is up to
date and in compliance with regulations on a daily basis
*	Insure that engineering plans for new processes are in line with
the overall EH&S procedures and goals of the company.
*	Maintaining Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on hazardous
*	Notify and keep in dialogue with government entities of any
process changes in company operations
*	Assist in making modifications to existing permits to reflect
changes in operations
*	Maintaining contingency plans to reflect on-going changes in
*	Utilize leadership skills to engage various plant teams and
other plant personnel to increasing levels of EHS performance. 
*	Apply ergonomic principles and behavioral based safety to
improve workstations and minimize injuries. 
*	Implement programs/policies and provide various EHS support for
the facility. Adherence to applicable Federal, State, and Advanced
Recycling Technology Inc. requirements.
*	Planning and coordination of EHS training. Record keeping. 
*	Facilitation of EH&S audits of the company by its stakeholders
*	Auditing EH&S procedures of company stakeholders 


*	Minimum of 3 years experience in Environmental, Health and
Safety field. 
*	BS Degree in Environmental Science, Health & Safety Management,
Environmental Engineering or related field.
*	Strong understanding of state and federal laws and regulations
with regard to EHS; Understanding of ergonomic principles; Computer
*	Mechanical and engineering aptitude
*	Strong verbal and written communication skill; positive
influencing skills in a team environment. 
*	Demonstrated ability to facilitate and achieve results in a team
*	Demonstrated Ability to prioritize and balance multiple ongoing
tasks. Technical knowledge of environmental and safety regulations


*	Knowledge and experience in metal recycling or a related field 
*	Proficient communication, writing, and interpersonal skills.
*	Behavioral Safety expertise and experience, including employee
involvement and motivation programs. 
We offer:
Competitive compensation
Unlimited growth potential
Benefits:	Healthcare coverage, 401k retirement account, flex
spending account for qualified medical expenses and childcare

Interested individuals please email your resume to
To learn more about Advanced Recycling Technology Inc. visit

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