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But seriously, folks....

Title: But seriously, folks....

I've gotten some great offline responses to my lengthy P2TECH post, "Some thoughts in the shadow of Earth Day, and a challenge to the P2 community"

However, I know many of you are too busy to read such a long, rambling note.  Others may take offense at my less-than-serious treatment of some serious subjects.

A few have questioned my mental health.  But that happens on a daily basis, so I'm not sure if I can really establish a causal linkage to the e-mail.

Nonetheless, I'd love to get your ideas for discussion topics for the NPPR breakout session during this month's National Environmental Partnership Summit. 

Specifically, what issues should the P2 community be thinking about/talking about at this time?

Any replies, online or offline, short or long, extensively researched or off the cuff, are welcome.  If I use them in my presentation, I'll be sure to provide attribution.

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