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FW: EPA National Dialogue on Environmental Information

Title: FW: EPA National Dialogue on Environmental Information

Passing this along for our friends at EPA Office of Environmental Information.  I must say, as someone who has been interested in the interface between information technology and environmental decision making for a LONG time, the current atmosphere in OEI seems more receptive to change and to new ideas than at any time in the past 20 years. 

Might as well strike while the iron is hot.


Scott Butner

What is the National Dialogue?

The National Dialogue on Access to Environmental Information (www.epa.gov/nationaldialogue) is the Environmental Protection Agency's approach to examining how we can better meet our customers’ needs for environmental information.  The goal is to assist EPA in enhancing access to its own environmental information, as well as for making EPA information more valuable and useful to EPA’s information customers whether used alone or in combination with information from other sources of interest.

Environmental information is a key strategic resource for accomplishing EPA’s environmental mission – protecting human health and the environment.  Easy access to high quality environmental information is critical for supporting sound decisions by EPA and its many environmental customers and partners in federal, state and local governments, business, communities, academia and the news media.  

Who Can Participate in the Dialogue?

National Dialogue Web Site – www.epa.gov/nationaldialogue

What Is Our Approach?

The Web site (www.epa.gov/nationaldialogue) has an area for comments. As the National Dialogue progresses, the site will include more interactive features to facilitate greater participation.

After we hear from external and internal participants about information needs, we will develop a multi-year strategy detailing the steps EPA could take to ensure greater access to environmental information.  We will identify and implement changes while we are developing the strategy Other changes will be implemented over the next several years.  

What Is Our Timeline?

For More Information

To learn more about the National Dialogue on Access to Environmental Information and to participate, visit the National Dialogue Web Site.  For additional questions, e-mail us at NationalDialogue@epa.gov

National Dialogue Web Site – www.epa.gov/nationaldialogue

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