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P2 and sustainability in financial statements

Hi all , its been a while since I posted another green biz resource.
Recently I did some consulting to a municipality on sustainable local investments.  I got the idea to show bankers how to integrate sustainability and P2 practices into financial statements.  So I built a financial statements spreadsheet using the Global Reporting Initiative indicators for sustainability metrics.  I also added a section showing the metrics vs business plan topics.
I presented this last week at a UCLA green business conference and the response was great, several business people said it was the most useful thing they have found to help them understand how to do this green stuff.
So I have added the tool to my website along with a presentation about it. 
I would love to have some feedback from you all.  It is free to share, and I hope you can find it useful for communicating with the biz crowd.  CEOs and financial types really like it. 
Thanks and enjoy and comment if you wish!
Burton Hamner
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