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FW: Where to recycle paper seed bags

Passing along a response to the query from my Virginia DEQ colleague, David Ruble dnruble@deq.virginia.gov, who is not on p2tech………

--Rod Sobin rsobin@deq.virginia.gov


Most of the wood pallet recyclers I've met have been small haulers who move the pallets to wood pellet manufactures.  A couple of wood pellet manufactures that I've learned of (one at Sustainability Park, one in Galax, VA) supply wood pellets for horse bedding as well as wood pellet furnaces.


The triple layers bags (depending on size) could be given to farmers for packaging dry goods (potatoes & onions) for market, distribution, and storage.


David Ruble


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Good Day All;


I received an inquiry on where to recycle  or go for reuse information for wood pallets and triple layer brown paper 'grocery store style' bags lined with plastic.   The bags are super strong and are used to store seed.  


If you have suggestions, I would welcome reading them.


Pam Howd




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