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Re: Reducing hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium

I would like to know the exact source of the chrome in the process.

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>>> "Terry Foecke" <tfoecke@matprod.com> 06/05/08 12:00 PM >>>

Is the slag from the glass melting process?  That process can be a source of air emissions of hexavalent chromium.  Knowing that would help think about options, although chrome reduction when the chrome is fixed in slag sounds like a non-starter.

Terry Foecke
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  Good morning!

  I have a client who makes fiberglass insulation and during their manufacturing process, they produce a slag contaminated with hexavalent chromium.  We're trying to find a way to reduce the chromium back down to trivalent.  Does anyone on the list have information on production applications and working conditions?  Feel free to reply directly if you wish.


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