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CO2 as foam blowing agent

Looking for perspectives/verification that using CO2 as a foam blowing agent (other than the energy required to blow foam and the energy to get the CO2 to the point of manufacure, etc.), does not directly contribute to global warming. 

here is a product claim -

"The use of 100 percent CO2 offers optimal environmental performance because CO2 does not deplete the ozone layer, does not contribute to ground level smog, and will not contribute to global warming since CO2 will be used from existing by-product commercial and natural sources. The use of CO2 by-product from existing commercial and natural sources such as ammonia plants and natural gas wells, will ensure that no net increase in global CO2 results from the use of this technology. Carbon dioxide is also non-flammable providing increased worker safety and is cost effective ..."





Michelle Gaither
Technical Research Coordinator


Pollution Prevention Resource Center