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P2Rx call for photographs for the 2009 P2 Calendar

The P2Rx centers have put out a "hard copy" calendar for a few years.  You
can view a copy of it online,
http://p2ric.org/Roundtable/2006Fall/2008Calendar.pdf  (You can buy a copy
for 2009 if you e-mail me at jwaters@mail.unomaha.edu.  They are $15
including shipping and handling.)

The calendar has useful, specific information about how to prevent
pollution and provides additional resources (links) for more information.
Important (and fun) environmental dates are highlighted.  We use
environmentally-friendly printing techniques.  The month-at-a-glance
calendar is a nice addition to any office!

This year, we're asking the P2 community to participate in the production
of our calendar.  Do you (or a friend) have high-quality photographs we
could use?

We will give you a credit byline if we use your photo.  The photos need to
be provided digitally and be at least 2700 pixels wide.  We want seasonal
and geographic diversity.  We can probably work with any format.  Ellen
Lincoln is our graphics guru.  She is copied on this e-mail.  Please send
photos (or a link to photos) directly to her.  (elincoln@unomaha.edu)
Deadline is AUGUST 13, 2008.

Feel free to share this request with your colleagues..

And - if you have ideas for a topic you'd like to see covered in the
calendar (Climate Change, Carolyn?) or if you have other environmental
dates we should include, please e-mail me!  (jwaters@mail.unomaha.edu)


Jean S. Waters
Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) coordinator
Nebraska Business Development Center
6001 Dodge St. RH 308
Omaha, NE  68182
402-554-6259 (voice)
402-554-6260 (FAX)

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do"  John Wooden

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