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Lean and Green Visuals

Title: Lean and Green Visuals
A lot of smaller companies have bought into lean manufacturing as a way to reduce their business costs (lean "wastes").  I moderated a session on Lean and Green for the Manufacturers Alliance (Minnesota) last year, but it's a challenge to get companies interested.  I am trying again with a 1/2 day workshop on "Greening Your Lean Program"  August 26, 2008.  I am using the EPA toolkits at epa.gov/lean and some case studies from Washington State Dept. of Ecology.  I'll also be trying out Kurt Middlekoop's (Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center) "Learning How to See" (washing hands) as a small group training exercise (thanks to Cindy McComas, MnTAP). 

I'd appreciate additional examples of hands-on exercises and compelling success stories with good before/after pictures.  Most of what I can find for lean and green manufacturing involves big companies.  We need to convince smaller businesses that they too can look for green improvements with the lean tools they are already using!

Assuming the workshop happens, I'll be glad to share what worked and didn't.

Georjean Adams
EHS Strategies, Inc.
- enabling organizations to meet their EHS vision