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Five Chemicals Study Now in HTML

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that the TURI Five Chemicals Study, a large and detailed tome, is now available in HTML.  It has quickly loading links to all text, tables and ....the fabulous appendices. (Alternatives Screening Tables, and Environmental Health and Safety Tables)

This report on safer alternatives evaluates the technical, economic, and environmental, health and safety feasibility of alternatives to the five chemicals for selected uses. See the attached assessment summary table for Lead in cable and wire coatings for a taste of the content!  Other uses of lead studied were ammunition for shooting ranges, wheel weights, and fishing sinkers.

The Five Chemicals studied:

Janet Clark
Senior Associate Director
Toxics Use Reduction Institute,  University of Massachusetts
One University Ave,     Lowell, MA 0`854-2866
Tel 978-934-3346,                                      Fax 978-934-3050

Adjusted for production, TURA filers have decreased their toxic chemical use by 45% and
are generating 69% less byproduct. During this same eleven years,  core TURA filers reported
an overall 45% increase in production!

Attachment: Table 3.4.4 S_Assessment Summary of Alternative Heat Stabilizer Constituents for PVC Wire and Cable Coatings.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document