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Alternatives inquiry

I'm interested in learning about opportunities to avoid bulk storage and transportation of extremely hazardous substances. Generating these chemicals on-site just-in-time is one way, changing to an aqueous or less concentrated form may be another. I'm interested in learning about vendors and opportunities in particular for: 

Ethylene oxide (oxirane)
Hydrofluoric acid
Anhydrous ammonia
Formaldehyde (solution)
Oleum (fuming sulfuric acid)
Carbon disulfide

The intent is to identify opportunities that an eliminate Bhopal-scale release hazards, while also reducing certain burdens (emergency planning, OSHA, RMP, etc.).

Any leads on vendors and examples appreciated.

Thank you,

- Paul Orum

PO Box 15465
Washington, DC 20003
Phone:  202-548-4020

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