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Re: what about containers for drinking water in the office?

Jean - We also eliminated bottled water from my office.  Fortunately I was washing my cup in the utility sink one day and noticed the hoses going to the RO system that feeds the drinking fountain in the hall!  Woo hoo!!!  Now the staff in the office uses one of the many mugs that we have collected over the years as give-aways and fills it at the drinking fountain.   I purchased an inexpensive water pitcher for guests and meetings and provide ceramic mugs.  We do have a supply of paper cups on hand, but we keep them out of sight stored in a closet.

Hope this helps!


P.S.  Like you I routinely forget to take my canvas bags into stores other than the grocery.  I've found myself getting a little extra exercise by going back to my car to get them while at the shopping center.  I'm amazed at how many people commend me for bring them into the mall.

At 03:09 PM 8/26/2008, Jean S Waters wrote:


We just got a message from the dean's office that they are no longer going
to be allowed to buy bottled water as an "office supply".  My reaction is
one of glee -- the pocketbook is the best prevention!  (sometimes)

Anyway, we have an advocate in the Dean's office who wants to use reusable
mugs or glasses but washing is a problem.

I thought of asking people to wash their own mug, but that's a bit tacky.
I thought of asking people to bring their own mug - a good solution if they
remember.  It's a little like bringing your bags into the store.  I'm
pretty good about bringing my bags into the grocery store, but forget them
in other stores.
I thought of installing a dishwasher - which we may be able to do in the
new building.
I thought of having little cards like they do in hotels, explaining that
we're going green and asking people to use a mug and wash it when they're
finished.  I think that honestly, though, folks just will go without water.

What solutions have you used or seen to this problem?

At this point the dean's office is considering asking folks to bring their
mug but having paper cups as a back-up.


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