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Fleet Driver Incentive Programs to Save Fuel?

I received this from a friend who asked if I might know of anyone who might have a good suggestion:


Fleet Driver Incentive Programs to Save Fuel?

As the finance guy for a large environmental services company with a large over-the-road fleet, I am interested in developing a program to incentivize my drivers to save fuel. My company is installing auxiliary power units to reduce idling and we are programming engines to reduce idle time and restrict speeding. These efforts, along with a tight fuel purchase program are yielding considerable savings. However, drivers feel squeezed by all of these efforts. And I firmly believe that the biggest potential savings would come from the efforts of the drivers themselves. Does anybody have thoughts on how to share fuel savings with drivers as a way to incentivize them to drive even higher fuel savings and also make them feel like they can participate in the savings?


Thanks for any help and/or ideas!


Eric van Gestel


Enverity Corporation

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