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Forwarded request: Seeking good home for [hard copy] library of sustainable business archives

Many of you have likely met Gil at one of the National Environmental Partnership Summit's that he's attended as a speaker.  The guy knows his stuff.
Alas, he now finds he has too much stuff.  And seeks to get rid of some of it.  Please see his note below.
If any of you are maintaining environmental libraries (and I know that several of you are), you might want to contact Gil about taking over some or all of his archives.
Please contact Gil (gfriend@natlogic.com or (510) 435-6346) directly if you wish to pursue this. 
I mean, I'd LOVE to hear from any of you, but personally, I'm hording all of MY old P2 paper documents. 
Some of them are already worth more than my WAMU stock.
Scott Butner 

From: messages-noreply@bounce.linkedin.com on behalf of Gil Friend
Sent: Tue 9/23/2008 11:16 PM
To: Butner, R Scott
Subject: Any ideas who might like 15 years of sustainable business archives?

Gil Friend wrote:

Any ideas who might like 15 years of sustainable business archives?

We are purging the Natural Logic archives, and have material that may be of interest to researchers or libraries, including:
- green business / sustainable business / business & environment newsletters dating back 15 years
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports from the early years of this century
- business magazines (including early Industry Standard and Fast Company, Inc and others)
- various EPA reports & handbooks
- miscellaneous other things

If you're interested in any of these materials -- or if you can recommend someone who might be -- please let me know as soon as possible (no later than the end of the month, at which point we'll recycle them).


PS: We'd ideally like to convey these in one or a few batches (and not part it out piecemeal).

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