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enviro sustainability case studies

Dear P2 Community,
I am posting the following question/request for a friend in Europe – thanks for any feedback!:
Case studies of SMEs (Small and medium sized enterprises) addressing environmental sustainability
I am currently working on a research project as part of an executive training program on sustainable development. The subject of the research project is to examine the role and activities of SMEs in the field of environmental sustainability. I am particularly interested in analyzing best practices of SMEs on how they deal with
reducing their CO2 output.
 Some questions I like to answer focus on:
 1. How can SMEs easily start implementing concrete measures to improve their sustainability.
 2. What are the underlying motivations for change?
 3. What implications does this have on their current business model?
While I am based in Europe, I am also interested in non-European examples.
Thanks again for any input,
-- Eric


Eric van Gestel


Enverity Corporation

500 Airport Blvd., Suite 100

Burlingame, CA 94010

(650) 342-5334