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Alternatives to Copper Anti-Fouling Paints for Boat Hulls

Hi Scott,

A very excellent review of technology and compliance issues in the Marine Science and Technology Industry was completed by MA OTA in 2005.  Here is relevant text:
The U.S. Department of Defense has banned the use of chromate-based coatings used
for anti-corrosion and anti-fouling of metal surfaces in order to reduce the release of
chromium into sea water. The Defense Industry has scrambled to find suitable nonpolluting
substitutes and until very recently was using compounds with chrome -3 as
the chromium substitute. Additionally, titanium is used frequently in deepwater,
pressure-resistant equipment housings and is often bonded to other metals or carbonfiber
materials. Bonding requires the surface of the titanium to be etched using
chromate compounds, which creates toxic waste.
In both cases above, scientists at the US Navy?s Naval Undersea Warfare Center
(NUWC) in neighboring Rhode Island have discovered ?drop-in? substitute
compounds which eliminate most of, if not all, the environmental problems associated
with chromium and chromates. NUWC has transferred these technologies to industry
through patent licenses. These ?drop-in? chemical compounds are available to DoD
marine equipment manufacturers for anti-corrosion coatings and titanium bonding
MA OTA has been the target of devastating budget cuts.  If you have found their wonderful staff valuable to this list and to the roundtable, please let your appreciation be heard by calling, messaging or faxing Secretary Ian Bowles at Telephone: 617.626.1000, Email: ian.bowles@state.ma.us, Fax: 617.626.1181


At 12:47 PM 10/21/2008 -0700, you wrote:
Dearl list members:  I am forwarding the following e-mail from a group of students
working on behalf of the Port of San Diego.  Please respond directly to Eddie Park (epark@rohan.sdsu.edu) if you have an interest in this topic.

Scott Butner

>>> "Eddie Park" <epark@rohan.sdsu.edu> 10/20/2008 5:20 AM >>>

Dear Dale Keairns,
We are a team of MBA students assisting the Unified Port of San Diego (UPSD)
in exploring alternative biocides to copper based anti-fouling boat hull
paints and copper reduction methods in San Diego bays.  Qualified applicants
may be eligible for federal grants of up to $100,000 to research solutions.
Here is a short summary of our problem statement:
"According to recent legislation, the Unified Port of San Diego is tasked to
reduce the levels of copper in its tidal waters within the Shelter Island
Yacht Basin (SIYB). Leaching of dissolved copper from anti-fouling boat hull
paints has been identified as a major source of this pollutant in the water
column within the SIYB and other marinas within the San Diego Bay.  To
address this issue, we are searching for past or current research efforts
involving alternative coatings to copper based anti-fouling paints; past,
current, or developing technologies involving maritime anti-fouling methods;
and past or current methods of copper reduction in bodies of water."
We would like to know if you can assist us by putting us in contact with
anyone who may have current technology or experience with copper related
water contamination issues.
Requested Information:
The following information is requested for grant consideration and to aid in
the solution to San Diego's copper problem:
Phone Number
Company Name
Relevant Accomplishments in Anti-Fouling or Related Technology
Relevant Qualifications
Available Resources (Lab, Machinery, Water Analysis Tools, etc)
UPSD requests that a short email be sent to epark@rohan.sdsu.edu with the
above information by OCT 23, 2008.  Following your response, you will be
contacted by UPSD as soon as possible with further details.
Vichet Siem
San Diego State University
619-241-9058 mobile

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