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Garmin career opportunity

Great job opportunity with a great company!

Position Title: Product Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Project
Location:  Kansas City <http://www.thinkkc.com> , at the Garmin
<http://www.garmin.com>  world headquarters
If interested, contact:  Doug Kealey <mailto:doug.kealey@garmin.com>

POSITION SUMMARY: Coordinate and manage green electronics standards compliance projects benefiting product design and material sourcing for Garmin consumer products.

*       Consumer and OEM electronics issue leader for assigned green
product standards and regulations, forecasting the potential impact on
product lines
*       Ensure product development teams' success in meeting
customer-specific and statutory Design-for-Environment and hazardous
substance regulations
*       Generate green compliance and risk mitigation plans to guide
electrical and mechanical design, procurement, component engineering,
packaging and technical publications functions
*       Responsible for the accuracy of the regulatory strategy,
satisfaction of our internal and external customers, and on-time
execution through leadership of cross-functional teams.
*       Effectively track, manage and support multiple projects and
priorities, develop general process guidelines

*       Act as a company knowledge resource for product environmental
trends/topics and voluntary/regulatory compliance information
*       Provide guidance on product and packaging labeling requirements
*       Provide compliance training to Garmin personnel as necessary

*       B.S. Degree in Materials Science, Chemistry, Engineering,
Physics, Information Management, Applied Mathematics or relevant field
of study
*       Knowledge of the details of producer responsibility or
sustainability regulations and compliance schemes for any of the
following: Consumer and/or Marine and/or Automotive electronics and/or
secondary lithium batteries
*       Proficiency in understanding and interpreting state and national
legislation, standards and directives such as RoHS, REACH, EPEAT, LCA,
LCI, Battery, ELV, IATA, US DOT, EuP, WEEE and other recycling mandates,
*       Experience with end-of-product-life and eco-design guidelines
and an ability to review designs and offer suggestions for improvements
*       Able to communicate current and future issues to internal teams,
to facilitate decisions regarding product design, product claims and
material sourcing.
*       Development of training material for internal teams and
suppliers, to enable them to embed requirements in their processes.
*       Strong project management and problem solving skills
*       Highly motivated and self-directed
*       Strong computer skills and knowledge of Office applications

*       3+ years experience as an Environmental Issue Leader, or
Regulatory Approvals Engineer or Regulatory Affairs Specialist, or
performing duties similar to the essential functions of this job
*       Leadership of a cross-functional team that put cost effective
processes in place to support Green requirements
*       Planning or managing the research and/or implementation phases
for REACH, EUP, China RoHS, Green Dot, IMERC or other environmental
*       Experience working in industry advocacy groups, regulatory
bodies and standards organizations to create alliances and influence the
shape, scope or harmonization of standards
*       Experience in writing position papers, compliance reports and
declarations of conformity
*       Experience with safety approvals for products using rechargeable
Lithium batteries
*       Willingness and ability to travel domestically and

Best regards, Doug

Doug Kealey
Compliance Engineering Team Leader
Garmin International Inc.

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