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RE: Be a Friend of Jeff's

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"The Websense category "Social Networking and Personal Sites" is filtered."  by our ADEQ firewall.  sorry, can't "play"...

allen g

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Subject: RE: Be a Friend of Jeff's

P2 techers:

I recommend instead of just joining facebook that you create a P2tech group within facebook. See for example my wife's children's writing group...


Think about it, it is more specific messaging.

Best regards

Fred Granek

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Subject: Be a Friend of Jeff's

At the NPPR board meeting we noted the emerging prominence of Facebook.  Well Jeff ran out and signed up, but sadly....he has only a few friends....and some of us are kinda nerdy for such a cool cat.

So give Jeff an add if you are on facebook, and while you are there, take some time to connect with your other P2 Buddies. 

If you are not on facebook, sign up.

These social networking sites are increasingly emerging as a means for professionals to keep in touch.  I personally have found them useful in communicating with staff and colleagues.  For instance, I found out Scott was going to Korea with me through facebook.

So give it a try.  Because Jeff needs more friends!


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