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RE: Foam scrap reuse/recycle

They can post the material on our resource exchange network for free.
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Here is one group to call.  They have helped me
determine the market.  The problem is going to be the
fire retardant.  If BDPEs, it may not be recyclable.
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Subject: Foam scrap reuse/recycle

I have a client that makes cushions for airplane seats.  They fashion the foam according to the specifications/design and send off to their customer.  They have worked very hard to cut the foam with a minimal amount of waste, however a significant amount is generated on a monthly basis.  Does anyone have any ideas where this waste can be marketed for re-use or recycle rather than the current practice of disposal?  The foam is:


1.        Closed cell foam – density is 2.2-2.3 (amount not known)

2.       Open cell foam – density of 2.4-3.2 (18,000 lbs. per month)


All foam is aircraft quality.  It has fire prevention additives, etc.   The waste is in strips, pieces, odd shapes.   Appreciate any ideas that you can give us. 


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