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RE: Possible opportunity to snag talent

Rick --
I advise that they check jobs.pnl.gov and browse the list of current openings.  We're always looking for good people willing to live in the desert portion of eastern WA state.
I don't have time to search the list exhaustively, but one such opening right now is this one:
Organization and Job ID Job ID: 116404
Directorate: Energy & Environment
Division: Energy & Efficiency
Group: Technology Systems Analysis
Job Description
The Technology Systems Analysis Group within the Energy and Environment Directorate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory-Battelle is currently seeking a Senior  Water Resource Engineer. This position will provide technical and leadership expertise to a nationally recognized program in the identification, assessment/evaluation, design, and implementation of water conservation/efficiency projects in the federal sector. This expertise includes identification of water conservation/efficiency opportunities at federal installations and contributing to guidance documents for federal agencies. This position will focus on the identification, assessment/evaluation, design, and implementation of water conservation/efficiency projects at federal sites and analysis and related research of availability technologies to create an enduring program for further increased water conservation/efficiency opportunities at federal sites. Interactions with agency water/energy managers at the site, region, and headquarters level; and staff at DOE headquarters are an expectation of this position. Other desired skills include understanding the relationship of energy efficiency and water conservation/efficiency opportunities, water supply and waste water processes and technologies, applicable federal laws and Executive Orders regarding water conservation goals, knowledge of water auditing techniques, and processing and analysis of real-time metered water and energy end-use data.  Participation in appropriate professional society organization activities is highly desirable.

Level of Responsibility:  Demonstrated success in working in a multidisciplinary and integrated work environment is required along with the ability to develop and communicate results to the research teams, peers and individuals. The successful candiate will lead activities that allow federal agencies to meet and/or exceed mandated reduced water consumption requirements in the future and effectively identify and support the development of new water conservation/efficiency technologies for future project implementation through proposed laboratory initiatives and potential collaboration with private industry. Previously recognized technical career with scientific and technical credentials in the area of water resource management, identification and implementation of projects resulting in reduced water consumption at both the building, process and installation level, developing clear and concise guidance documents for federal agencies, effective management of tasks and staff supporting task activities.

Lead teams that influence internal initiative decision making and effectively execute initiative development (i.e., conceive and assess new initiative projects and attract talented staff and mentor junior staff) with a focus on government agencies and industry involved in water resource assessments. Nationally recognized research career with scientific and technical credentials (papers and presentations) in the area of effective management of building energy and water research programs.
Minimum Requirements
Technical Expertise:  Demonstrated experience in applying principles, practices, theories and concepts in a major field of specialization involving water conservation/efficiency research and water resource management.

Breadth of Relevant Technical Knowledge:
- Selects and widely applies principles, theories and concepts in major field of specialization.
- Fully competent scientist/engineer contributing to science and technology solutions in the area of water resource management. Ability to contribute to multiple tasks within established milestones and budgets. Ability to communicate clearly both in written and oral form.
- Understands the application of domain skills and knowledge.  Seeks the potential to lead technical projects that may involve multi-laboratory activities.
- Develops and implements project management plans for small to moderate projects.  Participates in scoping, scheduling and budgeting projects. Provides periodic reporting of task activities and the identification of current or emerging issues that would impact successful completion of activities.

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Civil, Industrial or Sanitation Engineering with at least 5 years of professional experience or a Master's degree in Mechanical, Civil, Industrial or Sanitation Engineering with 3 years of professional experience or a Bachelor¿s degree in a related technical discipline with 7 or more years of experience in water resource management activities is required.
Equal Employment Opportunity
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer and supports diversity in the workplace.  All employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital or family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information.

Job ID# 116404

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Subject: Possible opportunity to snag talent

The MA Office of Technical Assistance has just experienced a number of layoffs due to state budgetary problems.  We are losing some extremely talented environmental engineers with outstanding field experience assisting companies not just with chemical use but energy and water use reductions.  If you have any information about possible opportunities, please send it to me and I will share it with them.
Rick Reibstein
Environmental Analyst
Office of Technical Assistance for Toxics Use Reduction
100 Cambridge Street, 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02114
617 626 1062